Native sun Labs was started over ten years ago, with an idea of bringing innovation and ergonomics to the market place.   We have carefully crafted  our device to be a source of empowerment, no matter what purpose you use the device for.   The only limit to the uses of our system, is any limit that may exits in our imaginations  .   


 Our CEO Kacy Jones had the sense of urgency to design a system, that had a platform which  had unlimited uses/configurations.  He wanted to craft a device that could be modulated into any form, it had to be ergonomic/intelligent; but had to be made here in the USA!  Our Executive team feels the same way, and have pushed forward with bringing excellence to the universe.    


 "We have a tremendous responsibility , to bring commerce and quality to our great republic.  It is a fallacy that "American made" is not associated with excellence in innovation!  We have been told "NO" so many times, because most are conditioned to import...then sell.  We here at NSL are compelled to design, manufacture, and create jobs here!  - Kacy Jones CEO  




We have a sense of urgency to cater to the health and well being of individuals globally, we have created solutions in the area of ergonomics/functionality, for the way individuals carry/utilize their gear by trade.    Typically the market is flooded by the norm (back packs, duffel bags, etc.), which wears the body out at the back and neck areas (Military neck, etc.).    The load gets bigger/ wider as your stuff more things into it, but the load is not dispersed or shared evenly/intelligently at all. 


We got real tired of those options and decided to do something about it!We realized a responsibility to create an intelligent load bearing weight balancing system, that is versatile enough modulate based on a situation.  Realizing this disconnect in the market, NSL felt a sense of urgency to take on the responsibility to create a smart device for us all.  We knew that platform must haven unlimited uses, be up to speed with the needs of emerging markets, and must be military grade.    We have listened to the public, studied the market, and have changed the game completely!