We have developed several apps, in order to empower the common person with technology, to take on the universe.    We believe the apps that we are developing, will fill  the void that exists currently, from not  being able to  tie it all together in a pinch.         

The Rescue Butler app, is the first of its kind that turns your phone (android or apple), into a “Rescue concierge”. In your time of need your phone will become an assistant, which alerts the proper authorities, which will respond based on information provided by your device.  All by a simple pre -determined voice command.   The great thing about this app, is that it's embedded in your phone, and hidden away for privacy. 


In today’s climate no matter where you live, there are people being assaulted, with a lack of time and the ability to call for help.  Being able to get help quickly, without the assailant knowing (that the authorities are on the way), can make a big difference in getting them off the streets, or even preventing a life or death situation.     


Imagine you have a loved one that is home alone, and someone breaks in.   He or she speaks their rescue phrase into their headphones (or phone), hides and is silent.   The app has already dialed the police, your app delivers your identifying information (Name etc.), sends your GPS location, and leaves the microphone/phone line open to capture any audio that can be used later by the police.  Additionally, simultaneously, the video function opens to capture any video evidence of an event  


 How it all comes together:


  • The phone app operates by voice recognition, and is based on voice prompts, that are uttered in the proper order.    Example:   You are being attacked by an assailant and you say a pre- programmed phrase (“Arsenal football club”), your phone automatically dials the proper authorities.


  • Your device uses its own microphone to pick up your command, and goes into action mode, weather your phone is locked or not.   The phone sends an audio message (This is an emergency message from [name, phone number], GPS   coordinates are sent, and the app begins recording all audio within earshot of the phone microphone.  


  • Video starts recording simultaneously, to gather visual evidence  


  • Within minutes the proper authorities can be dispatched to a location, and assist on scene with a quick turn- around time assisted by our App.


  • Everything is saved automatically in the cloud. 

Splicer is the world’s first app, which delivers voice recognition editing, so that the videographer can set the table, without missing a beat, or over touching their phone.   

Most of us when we want to make a video of ourselves, we have to touch the phone multiple times, to get the results that we want.  

 With our voice activated technology, you only have to open up the app physically once, and the rest of your work is done by voice command.   For example: If you are a chef doing work with your hands, you’re not going to touch your device with greasy fingers.  You are going to set the editing table with your voice, put things in order hands free, then complete your task in final cut @ the end.

This app will change the tasks of influencers globally, by cutting down editing time.   Editing by voice command will empower Vloggers, by being able to arrange storyboards, without physically having to stop/start the process.

Splicer technology can further be imbedded into other recording devices, such as in auto dash cams, body cams, handheld video recording devices, etc.   The technology can be cross pollinated, and licensed to other companies,  to empower end users for the sake of efficiency .