Partnering with Native Sun Labs


When it comes to partnering with a company, that is carefully bringing a product to market, one can’t find a better fit.   We certainly are not a “startup” that is trying to rush a product to turn a buck.   We are a company that is utilizing the strength of our collective experiences, and putting those assets into play.    In turn the product itself is the result of substantial milestones earned, which has brought NSL to this point. 


Native Sun Labs has always had a philosophy from the beginning that we want to test our systems, by pushing them to the razors edge.   We have been stress testing fabrics, platforms configurations, modulations, etc. for ten years now.   We have taken our time to provide the most effective/ergonomic systems, that can be modulated to form fit any situation.   


Our patience over time ensures that our system is no "one trick pony".   Getting it right over time showcases the overall value of what our product provides.  Unlimited configurations delivered in an intelligent, innovative, and ergonomic way.  All in one device!"

We are currently looking for the right fit of investors, that are actually our partners in creating a global reality with us.   It is imperative that we have partners that have that passion for innovation,  and the experience to help us bring this lifestyle platform to the masses.    Keeping in mind of course that we are an American company, that will only manufacture here.   


Please let us know if there is any  value realized here.   We would love the opportunity to speak with you!!    Contact:    Kacy Jones